Playing for Change Foundation Builds First Music School in South Africa

Previously, I introduced a movement that is trying to unite the human race through music:  Playing for Change, Peace Through Music.  Since then, I’ve received so many wonderful responses about this movement that I wanted to give some more information.

Mark Johnson, a co-founder of the movement, was interviewed by Bill Moyers on his weekly PBS show in October. See here.  More recently, Mark wrote a guest blog post on Bill Moyers Journal this month.  Read here.

The film, “Playing For Change, Peace Through Music”, has been playing at various film festivals.  The hope is to have it be distributed sometime in 2009.  My understanding is that a CD and DVD may be out by Spring, 2009.

However, the movement is more than just the film.  It is a a foundation (Playing for Change Foundation) that is trying to build music and art schools throughout the world.  Recently, the first Playing for Change music school was constructed in Gugulethu, South Africa.  The foundation hopes to build many more.

Here is a rendition of “Revolution” by the schools music teachers.