The Journey of Company Building TenPoint7

This is an exciting time for me as an entrepreneur. Our team has spent the past 10 months refining the TenPoint7 business plan. The journey has been amazing, full of excitement, drama, frustrations and angst.

Again, I realize that building a new startup is not easy. We started with inflated expectations despite all our combined years of experience to know better. When our initial sales efforts stalled, we learned so much about what is lacking in the cloud analytics market, especially for the data naive organizations. The simple failures of not on-boarding as many customers as expected, made us refine our solution. It made us become better at articulating our value proposition in simpler terms.

The normal trials and tribulations of a startup proved to us that the leadership team can work well together in the most difficult of situations. We challenged each other and our premise for the company. Through this, we learned that we get tremendous satisfaction in overcoming challenges together, each of us having our own part.

So, I’m again reminded why I’m so attracted to startups. It’s the thrill of starting with just an idea and overcoming challenges with a great team to create market value. This journey is pure joy.

We’ve self-funded to this point to ensure a viable business plan. Now, we’ve gained some important clients, creating good momentum. We’re now poised and ready to build the next stage of the TenPoint7 Cloud platform that will offer actionable insights through data science in the cloud.

Left – John Song, CEO; Right – Pat Roche, CTO; Center – Shane Rai, VP, Product