Less is better for the Year of the Ox

Meet 2009, the year of the ox.  It’s my year.  I was born in the year of the ox.  For me, though, this year’s focus will be living with less.  In 2009, less is better.

The year 2008 showed us that our capitalistic system, if left to its own, would implode with greed.  In the same way, our American habits, if replicated throughout the world, will cannibalize our planet.  Yes, less is better.  It’s not “less is more”, which often refers to having too many choices.  No, less is just better because we have and want too much.  And as the inventors of Americum (American Consumerism), we need to lead the way to living with less. I think people, even Americans, will find joy in living with less.

So, in the year of the ox, let’s try to do with less.  All of us just focusing on ourselves, one little step at a time.  For me, it will be less showers, less driving, less food, less usage of home energy, less appliances, less toys, less waste, less material wants… wow, I feel better — freer, lighter just thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no crusader. Nor am I a trendsetter.  If  I’m thinking about this, then I’m sure many have already set course for living with less long ago.  But last year was a wake up call for an entrepreneur and businessman like myself, who thought the markets would always be right.  American consumerism, if unabated, is not sustainable.  So, if you haven’t considered that less is better, maybe you will now.