Present a story, not just the facts

This trip to the UK was primarily to present to the London financial analysts in the SDL PLC Analysts and InvestorTeach In event. As a leader of one of the acquired Alterian divisions (Social Intelligence), I got to be one of  four presenters.

Overall, the presentations went well as most analysts reacted favorably  in their reports.

Each person has different presentation style, and I’m very fixed in the way I want to present. My style is as a story-teller. It would be difficult for me to present any other way. That is not to say that what I present is inaccurate or exaggerated. I’m careful with my data and message. What I mean is that I make sure all the speaking points lead into one storyline with a plot. This makes my general message more easy to understand for the audience. It also keeps me focused on the storyline which helps me be more relaxed and confident.

I’m fortunate in that I’m very passionate about what we do at SDL Social Intelligence. That makes the story telling very easy. Much of story telling is the enthusiasm and passion you bring into the story. At SDL Social Intelligence, we are doing some very cool predictive work with the social media data set that is being validated every day in the market. How could you not be excited about that? Anyway, that’s my story.