Call Out Racism Each and Every time

Racism has been around us all along but it’s now more out in the open… more emboldened.
The other day, a man rushes into my elevator. He’s agitated about something and calls the concierge receptionist the “n” word as the doors close.  Shocked, I call him out immediately. Not in my building! Not in Seattle! Not in our America!
Inside, a heated exchange ensues at one corner of the elevator until the doors open on my floor. Stepping out, I try to coax him to get out with me, mainly because there was a frightened young South Asian Indian woman cowering in the far corner. He pokes the “close door” button and tells me to “go back to your country”, but in much more colorful, derogatory language.
Will Americans let this be the new normal? It starts with each of these incidents before turning into a groundswell. We cannot let people of hate feel emboldened to denigrate the cherished values of our society in this manner. Always speak out (within reasonable consideration of your safety), always call them out! More so now than ever.