Technology Offers a Bright Future for Mankind

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace in nearly all fields. While some predict an apocalyptic end to the world with runaway Artificial Intelligence machines or with a barren earth depleted of all natural resources, I see quite the opposite in our future.

Necessity can indeed be the mother of all inventions. As we consume more and more resources, our human ingenuity will come up with better and better solutions. Right now, low oil prices in the world aren’t just about what OPEC is doing. They are also about the tremendous advancements in technologies that has allowed fracking to become efficient. This has allowed the US, for example, to start producing domestic energy sources unlike anytime previously in its history.

The advances in the bio tech will continue to produce increasingly sufficient amount of nutritious foods for the world many times over. Our exploration into space is just at its infancy and humans will colonize other worlds.

At a more micro level, we are seeing tremendous changes in how brands and consumers engage and communicate with the advent of Big Data. Cable companies, as we know them now, will become obsolete and producers of content will increasingly go directly to the people. Virtual reality human sex will be common place within a decade.

We humans are evolving to the changing technologies as well. Our sense of smell is deteriorating. Increasing number of people are falling within the autism spectrum than ever before. The thing is, the world has been evolving for billions of years. However, we are in a unique time when we can see this incredibly slow process moving in a pace that’s never been seen before. Let’s enjoy the front-row view.