New Year is Not a Redo

As the New Year of 2015 commences, many feel renewed with the rollover of the calender. It’s like a fresh start or a “redo”. In golf a “redo” can be taking a second shot at the ball and not counting the first, which obviously in this scenario was not very good.

While revising or re-stating personal goals at the beginning of the year can be good, we do not really get a true “redo”. Life is a continuous journey of experiences. We are, at any given point of our lives. a complex makeup of those experiences. If we want a “redo” at anything, it’s because of experiencing a less than satisfactory result from the previous attempt. Whether you put the initial attempt into your “golf score” or not is irrelevant. That second shot will be the affected by the experience of the previous one. These series of interlocking experiences is what shape us into who we are as an individuals and as a community.

A New Year gives us an opportunity to keep track of new desired improvements that we want based upon all our past experiences. I think that’s actually better than getting a “redo”. I want my experiences to count.