Enjoy the surprise upgrades in your life

As a frequent traveler, I’ve gotten free airline upgrades from time to time. If you travel enough, an upgrade can make the time on the airplane much, much better. Anyway, who doesn’t feel good when they get something nice unexpectedly?

Several times, however, I was already so tired and grumpy that an upgrade just didn’t make me feel much better. Other times, I was so busy and focused on work that needed to be done on the plane that I wasn’t very appreciative of the upgrade.

Then, there are times, on a long flight, where I feel extremely lucky for the upgrade. The whole journey is made so much more pleasant that I can’t stop smiling at my good fortunate. My whole outlook on everything around me becomes just that much better. I become a better person to be around.

In each of these cases, I received basically the same thing – an upgrade of my seat. However, the manner in which I internalized the good fortunate dictated how much the nice turn of events impacted my whole aura.

In life, we get different “upgrades” all the time from loved ones, strangers and sometimes just by chance. How we let those moments impact us is up to each of us individually. Turn them into a positive that allows you to be positive back to the world.

Live appreciatively. Enjoy the upgrades.