Leading through momentum shifts in business

Momentum is a part of the ebb and flow of life. It often gets magnified in sporting events because of their intense competition format. Momentum shifts in sports can be felt and seen in the results. It’s visible on the face of players, by the reaction of fans, and even in how “luck” seems to be allocated to opposing sides — the bounce of the ball.
Well, momentum is just as obvious in work places and even your personal lives. I’ve seen momentum shift in start-up in dramatic fashion: The cadence of business picks up, the energy amongst the staff increases and a start-up finds rhythm to success. As a leader in a business one needs to recognize momentum shifts one way or another. An effective leader purposefully influences the shifts in momentum rather than just being swept up in it.
When negativity penetrates a work place because of a negative review of a product or a lay off, momentum will inevitably head the wrong way. At that point, it is not just rah-rah that will stem the tide. It is hard, honest work that will fix the issues. It is effective communication. It is a well-thought out vision that people can rally around.
All businesses have ebbs and flows. There will be good and bad days. There will be momentum shifts. How a leader handles and affects those shifts is important. Some leaders actually are most negative when things turn against them. Others offer up cheers rather than good ideas to change the situation. Effective leaders recognize that momentum has turned against them and come up with tangible plans and ideas to improve the situation and communicate them to the whole group.

Of course, the same principles apply to managing your personal lives.