High risk lives can yield high rewards

Life’s journey requires everyone to take some risks. However, high achievement is reserved for those who are willing to take some big risks. In order to be able to take big risks, a person can’t be afraid of failure.

Successful people actually hate to fail more than most, but they are NOT afraid to fail.

The competitive drive to succeed while taking big risks allows high achievers to make bold, but calculated moves. Entrepreneurs, fighter pilots, financial traders, creative marketers, corporate CEO’s are but a few of these high risk, high reward people.

Even at a more basic level, people who are willing to take risks with love or travel live a richer life than those who are afraid to commit to adventures because of possible failure. As the saying goes, “everyone dies but not everyone lives”.

Having been involved in six business startups with varying degrees of success, I’m a bit of a risk taker. But more importantly, I’ve also been a risk taker in how I raise my family and where I live.  My children grew up partly in London and I sent my older son alone to Beijing after high school even though he spoke zero
Chinese. My wife and I’ve lived in five different cities on three continents since we’ve been married.

Risk has paid off well in most cases for me. Along the way, I’ve failed at different business ventures as well as personal initiatives. Overall, however, the rewards have been tremendous for me and those around me. And as I continue to embark on calculated high-risk endeavors, I try to remember that high risks
provide opportunities for high rewards.