Signs of a great leader

Leaders who I really admire are those who pass on the credit when successful but always hold themselves accountable when things are challenging. The book, “Good to Great” details how such leaders are found in companies that can make that magic leap to greatness.

In today’s difficult economic times many companies are struggling. The leadership will be a key factor of whether these companies can perform better or even survive the times ahead. Does the leader in your company blame bad results on the economy with no solutions for remedying the solution?  Do you as a leader get paralyzed with indecision during times of uncertainty, preferring just to wait out the “negative business cycle”?

Executives need to hold themselves accountable and not the environment. Amid the current economic situation, many companies still do thrive. They are being lead by people who are realistic about the state of the current affairs and have set tangible paths to success with difficult decisions, commitment and consistency.

These leaders are not motivated by personal recognition. but rather by unshakeable professional will (an unwavering focus to doing the right things for the long term of their organization). In today’s tough business climate, effective leaders will distinguish themselves even more than during times of economic boom.