Anil Batra, new member on WAA board

anil1Meet Anil Batra, my favorite guru of Analytics. It so happens that he also works with me at Ascentium as Chief Analytics Officer.

Last week, Anil was one of seven newly elected board members to Web Analytics Association (WAA). This is the leading association within the web analytics industry that supports its members by providing quality education, developing standards and best practices, conducting research and advocating for the industry’s issues.

Anil will bring much passion and energy to the WAA. He has been a thought-leader in the field of Web Analytics for the past five years and writes one of the industry’s most popular blogs. As marketing continues to evolve with emerging new media, analytics strategy and the ability to optimize campaigns and other marketing efforts are becoming center piece issues on the minds of CMO’s. As Anil would say, what are we trying to do here? And why? And how will we appropriately measure and optimize to meet or exceed goals. I know for a fact that Anil’s vision and leadership has added tremendous value to Ascentium’s marketing POV for our clients.

I first met Anil when he was leading Zaaz’ Microsoft account. He didn’t really drink, and he’s quite particular about what he eats. So, we just talked about the industry during that initial meeting. Later, I was fortunate enough to have him join ZeroDash1 shortly after we launched the Web Analytics consultancy. He brought energy, his industry perspective and definite credibility. Just as important, however, was his sense of humor and reassuring loyalty.

Together and with other  team members, we developed ZeroDash1’s reputation enough to be eventually acquired by Ascentium.

He is definitely a worthwhile person to follow within the industry. He twitters, blogs and speaks at various conferences. He also provides great value to Ascentium’s clients with his expertise.

Congratulations Anil. Let’s go to Cafe Zum Zum for a bit of lamb, spinach curry to celebrate.