Team jokes around for team bonding

It’s just 30 minutes of refuge during a work day. But it makes the whole day better.

Around 4pm, three of us from the office walk across the street to a brick square framed by art galleries, and our favorite caffe, Umbria. We score a table on the patio, and the sun massages us with warmth. Feels so good, so comforting.

Soon, I have a cup of dry cappuccino with a small chocolate. I remember living in London and watching European women meeting friends, delicately scooping up the foam with the small spoons, laughing and talking. They made a cup of cappuccino seem so much more than the Starbucks latte paper cups we tend to carry around with us.

For me, having coffee is more about the conversations than the caffeine boost. Today, we talk about Discovery Channel’s episode on the brain’s role in sexual attraction. Ok, we aren’t solving the world’s problems, but we are sure having fun. Anyone ease-dropping might have thought us as silly. No matter though, because the laughter we shared for 30 minutes between sips of cappuccino made for a good day.

The spreadsheet work, or the “pitch” I was working on for a large RFP came into true context. My work is important, no doubt, but so is laughing with good company over a cup of cappucinno.

Okay guys, same time, same place tomorrow. The sun will be out, and I’ll try to come up with some new jokes. If you happen by, please don’t mind us ;).