Susan Boyle’s got talent and so much more

Meet Susan Boyle. She’s taking the world by storm with her fairy tale story. Susan is a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent and quite possibly the best reality television story ever.

Susan, you see, is blessed with a generous sense of humor, great moral character. Yet, she is a 47-years-old sinister who has never been kissed. Yes, she’s someone whom you would probably appreciate more for her personality than her physical attributes. Despite being someone that modern pop culture would normally dismiss as not “marketable”, Susan has turned the entertainment world upside down.

Susan showed up to the Britain’s Got Talent show, and was introduced more or less, it seemed, as a comical side bar for the show. These reality shows often times show the most unlikely contestants to poke fun at them for entertainment value. When she first arrives on the show’s stage, snickering can be heard.

Then, she performs an unbelievable rendition of Les Miseables’ I Dreamed A Dream. The audience, the judges, then later, the world would listen stunned.

I’m not a fan of reality shows, but the lesson taught by Susan Boyle’s performance is one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever seen on television. So many emotions: Mean-spririted pre-judgement; utter astousnishment; appreciation; shame; pride for the human spirit.

The producers have asked YouTube to disable the embedd, so you’ll have to click through if you want to see the video for the first time, or to see it once again. Bravo Susan Boyle.