Introducing SocialGlimpz, The Next Venture

After some careful consideration, I’ve found a really good match as my next venture. I’ve decided to join SocialGlimpz as the Chief Strategy Officer.

SocialGlimpz is building an interpretation engine for the world’s visuals. Such an endeavor is a natural progression from my past work in Business Intelligence (Noetix), Web Analytics (ZeroDash1) and Social Media Intelligence (Lift9).

The consumers are now speaking a different language – and it is in the form of visuals with short texts. Understanding, and the ability to analyze, this new consumer language will be critical moving forward for all marketers. Obviously, deciphering visual information has many unresolved challenges which make this such an exciting opportunity. In short, SocialGlimpz currently offers brands and partners a way to engage with consumers through a “poll type” portal interface and then gathers visual responses for analysis and deep insights. The patent-pending technology has many intriguing capabilities including a machine-learning component that allows better analysis and insights as more and more visual content goes through the system. The eventual goal is to have an automated process that becomes the interpretation engine for the world’s visuals.

After having started my last two companies on my own (ZeroDash1 and Lift9), I was looking for an existing technology that would fit my background with dedicated founders whom I could complement. I will be leading the business development effort and be one of the company’s evangelists within the industry.