Embrace the New Disruptive World Order and Its Opportunities

I’m such a lucky guy! I live in a time of great change. Disruptive ideas abound everywhere.  This is a time when people who are flexible and forward-thinking get rewarded.

We’re collecting more data than ever imaginable even 20 years ago and the opportunities to do something amazing with that information remain wide open. We have drones taking flight and they have so much potential both for good and bad. Truly disruptive business plans with drones will be headlines in a few years if not sooner. Wearables will first measure our levels of exercise and sleeping patterns. Eventually, however, these gadgets will be able to read all our vital signs and be our primary access to the internet through traditional wireless and mesh networks.

It’s our duty not to be afraid of the future but to understand what’s happening so we can make sure that technology is used for good rather than bad.

The millennial and the generation behind them are born into a world distinctly different than those before them. Their behavior will represent a world ever-connected. Their motives won’t be for materialist rewards but rather experiential.

The world is quickly changing – and for the better in my opinion. The language of social media is now visual and not text. Behavioral and geo-targeting won’t be an ethical question soon but an expected convenience in their lives.

Embrace the disruptions! Find your place and profit from it spiritually and perhaps in business as well. Stay young and excited, otherwise this world will leave you behind before you can turn the page of a paper newspaper.