A new direction for MeetJohnSong

Thank you to those who have at times visited this blog. I’ve had fun with Meet John Song. After all, who doesn’t like to rant and rave about things that are important to oneself? Guilty.

I’ve tried different approaches. First, I wanted to highlight local entrepreneurs, but that was not sustainable. Then, I tried to write more about my field in Interactive Marketing, but felt lost in the noise. I then addressed various current events, which upped my traffic but not my satisfaction.

Now, I’ve realized that I need a more clear focus for this blog. As the blog name suggests, I should be giving glimpses of my points of view. Certainly that will not excite many, but it will allow me to write about things that I’m passionate about. In the end,  that’s really all I have to offer.

So moving forward, I will be offering my points of view from the experiences in my life as a middle-aged entrepreneur, former corporate executive, and now empty-nester. I’d be flattered if any reader engaged in a conversation with me about my points of view. If not, I guess I’ll rant and rave by myself.