Boston Strong: Boston through social media eyes

The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon has affected people around the world in different ways. At SDL, we have two offices in the Boston area (Waltham and Wakefield) and many other persons with Boston ties. One of them is Warren Sukernek, VP of Social Business. He is a Boston native who moved to Seattle 7 years ago but still has very strong ties to his hometown. In fact, he often vacations every summer on Cape Cod, visiting friends and family in the Boston area. Like most of us, Warren was moved by the event at the Marathon on Patriot’s Day. He had several friends running in the race and at one time lived around the corner from the finish line.

To show his concern for the region, Warren created a heartfelt presentation on Slideshare that incorporated public images distributed on social networks around the world in the days following the Boston Marathon bombings. In my opinion, the presentation has captured the sentiment of the city and resonated with viewers globally. In the past 3 days, more than 30,000 people have viewed the presentation. As a result, the presentation was honored with a ‘Slideshare of the Day’ award yesterday. Warren said, “As a Boston native, I was moved by the events over the week and the images published on friend’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Curating this presentation was a labor of love and made me feel particularly connected with my city.”

The events this week in Boston impacted all of us around the country. The SDL family is a tight community and we really came together during this dramatic week. We will never forget and always remain #BostonStrong. Warren’s presentation expressed how we all felt and we are proud that his passion for his home and community was recognized by Slideshare.