Keeping the bigger picture in mind

No one will mistake me as detail-oriented person. My head is usually in the clouds thinking of things in concepts. That’s why I admire those who pay so much attention to details. I need them around me to make things happen.

Some of the really smart people I know are extremely good at solving problems at a very minute detail. They can think at a level of detail that is extraordinary, thus solving great problems of business and of the world.

However, these people sometimes need help to see events around them in the larger context. They are so stuck in the details that they lose focus of the bigger picture. In my business, we’ve  transformed ourselves from a service-oriented business to a product-focused business over the last couple of years. During that time, we’ve nearly doubled our staff and had been acquired twice. In that context, we’ve accomplished a great deal under very difficult circumstances.

Yet, on a day-to-day basis, we face many frustrations around our execution. It’s during these moments that I need to put into perspective all that we’ve accomplished, and the progress we’re making toward our goals. I need the efforts of all the smart detail-oriented people to get us to our goals. And sometimes they need me to remind them of how we are doing relative to a the bigger picture.