SDL offering Product Commitment Score using social media data

I recently returned from Singapore where I got to witness the last few presentations for a roadshow by members of the SDL Social Intelligence Customer Experience Measurement and Analytics (CXMA) team. The topic was around measuring product commitment scores using social media data.

We’re launching a near real-time measurement system to monitor the commitment of customers to a product and/or to a brand, as well as the product’s relevancy to its customers.

This is where social intelligence is headed. Many have claimed the data set within social media to be the new “black gold”. However, the data itself is not of great value unless you apply intelligence to it. Up to now, social media data has been used for simple aggregated information in a dashboard format. These include daily volume of brand mentions and the sentiment of these brand mentions. However, the data set has much more potential than that, and we’re proving it with our commitment and relevance scores.

If a product manager knew that the commitment score was dropping on his product during the awareness campaign of his launch, he could change his strategy. And we can show how the strategy needs to change by the digging into the reasons for the drop in the commitment score. I’m talking about real-time course correction during a launch of a product. This is predictive and actionable.

I’ll be writing more about these offerings as we take the roadshow to Europe and North America. There will be a white paper coming out as well. Needless to say, the reaction so far has been extremely validating.  We are working with several potential customers in Australia as well as Singapore to launch this predictive framework (using the SDL SM2 product)  into their businesses.