Unfinished business is just ugly

A stalled, incomplete architectural structure is a true eye sore in my opinion. These unfinished buildings connote poor planning — of failure. In today’s difficult environment, we’re seeing a bit more of this.
In a way, this is also how I see company building. We live in an era where most of our jobs are basically a sequence of projects. I believe we naturally are turned off by things that are not complete. Unfinished buildings (projects) have a lot of negative nuances to us all.
Therefore, as I’ve developed ideas as an entrepreneur or a business vision as an executive of a public company, I stay focused on completing critical path projects. I’ve seen plenty of really good ideas stall because of poor planning and execution, ending up as the burnt of inside jokes. No one looks back at an unfinished project with fondness. It’s always what could have or should have been. Execution means being able to finish.
This means aligning the available resources appropriately, setting proper expectations, properly communicating the priorities, and remembering how unsightly an unfinished building is as time passes.