SDL to take over Alterian

Today, it was announced that SDL will acquire Alterian. Therefore soon,  a social media business that started as Lift9 will be getting its fourth company name within the last two-and-a half years.

I started Lift9 in July, 2009 to offer social reports to large brands. On April, 2010 we merged with a boutique market research company Intrepid to provide deeper insights from the social data set. Shortly thereafter we were acquired by Alterian in September, 2010 to compliment its social monitoring and listening tool SM2.

Social is a hot space. Four transactions in two-and-a half years may not be the norm, but there certainly are a lot of activities within the Social market. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what will happen as the Social space matures further. The social data set has disruptive elements that will attract many innovative minds who will build considerable values in this space.

For me, this acquisition is very positive. We will have greater resources to execute on our vision of providing social insights and foresight in compelling ways. SDL has language and statistical capabilities that can really improve our tools and solutions. I expect immediate impact in extending our social offerings.

My goal today remains the same as when I started Lift9. I want to answer critical business questions faster, cheaper and more accurately than anything in the market by using social data. I believe SDL provides a conducive platform for us to execute on this goal in even a bigger way.

So, how do I personally feel about all the changes — going from a two-person startup to now being a part of a Fortune 1000 company in two-and-a half years? I consider where we are now in such a short period of time as success. Being a part of large organization offers greater opportunities as well as additional challenges. I can live with that.