Former Seattle attorney opens concept restaurant in SF

Denise with her mother

A former Seattle attorney, turned restaurant entrepreneur, just launched her first store in San Francisco. Congratulations Denise!

Denise Tran has been a long-time friend who has an amazing life story. You can read here. She is also extremely capable at anything she puts her mind to. Beautiful, positive and smart, she’s been successful in her career and her life. She’s overcome a lot of difficulties as a young immigrant to build a respected law career. She’s always tackled life with a positive spirit and unwavering integrity that has attracted loyal and supportive friends and colleagues.

I know this, Denise’s restaurant is not just about bun-mee’s, but a concept that the American public is ready to embrace. The vision will go beyond just the bay area. Delicious, uniqe Vietnamese sandwiches with a little flair and a lot of cool — I think it will become an American brand. Watch for it in the coming years.

These sandwiches are already extemely popular along with the Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho). Now, she is taking these baguet sandwiches out of the “Asian quarters” to the main street.