What type of music are you?

Music can effect our moods, alter our perceptions, manipulate our emotions. The music on any video can change the tone of the outgoing message. This is something we are all aware of, yet despite this awareness, it still effects us. Can you image a horror film without music to get you on the edge of your seat?

People’s energy from their attitude is much like music in the same way. We pick up on people’s “music” (energy) around us. Think about the cheery, pop type of energy. There are the calming type of energy which relaxes other people. On the flipside, there are the cacophonic energy and the high drama music. How about the teenage angst energy?

We all have preferences about what type of energy we like to be around. Depending on the situation, some type of energy is more welcomed than at other times. We have different moods that give off its own energy. But we all also have a core energy about us. Think about which music you are and how that effects a room next time you walk into a the “set of life”. Maybe then, you can, within reason, alter your tune depending on the situation and complement others.