5 great reasons to love America

On this 4th of July celebration, let’s remember all the great things about America. Yes, I know the country is not perfect and we have a lot of challenges ahead. Still, I’m proud to be an American, maybe more so because of my immigrant background.

Today, let me list five things I love about the US of A.

  1. 47% of all venture-backed companies in the US were started by at least one co-founder NOT born in the country. The American Dream still lives for sure!
  2. During foreign disasters, Americans usually always lead the aid efforts with individual (non-government) donations and volunteer work. I once talked to a Canadian business leader who explained how impressed she was with the way  Americans will mobilize to help during foreign disasters. Me too!
  3. In general, the American perspective seems more optimistic than from other places. My optimism is sometimes viewed as “over-the-top” elsewhere, but Americans find it encouraging and sometimes even inspiring. Here’s believing you can do whatever you put your mind to.
  4. The American middle class, while much maligned recently, is still a distinguishing factor from many other countries. The living standard is relatively very high, especially for a country with such a large population.
  5. American customer service. It’s an art form that is distinctively American. It’s not stodgy, it’s not too subservient. It’s Nordstroms, Zappos, Starbucks and so many, many other American brands.

I’m sure you have your top five. Please comment if you want to add to the list. Happy 4th of July everyone!