In the zone week

I’ve had an “in the zone” type of a week, where things just fall into place. The Lift9 research center in Vietnam is now set up. Our web site will soon be launched (sorry, but with so many execution points, this has taken a back seat).

Now, more good news seem to be on the way as Lift9 is moving fast toward an automated solution to accessing information from additional  “closed” forum and review sites. Our social media analytics solution will encompass results from the best social media listening tools as well as from a specialized Lift9 web data aggregating tool, all manned by our own highly trained research center. The clients will receive accurate insights in the form of automated dashboards, report templates, as well as social media engagement and strategy support.

Stay tuned, more to come. I need to be somewhat discreet for the time being.

I hope you are all enjoying  “in the zone” days as well.