Get in the zone, and stay there

Have you ever been in a zone?

Athletes talk about it all the time, when everything slows down, their confidence peaks, and they are in complete control. I’ve actually experienced this a few times playing basketball when I just knew that I could get a step on an opponent, shoot, and know that the ball would go in the basket. It is an unmistakable  feeling.

You can be in a zone in other aspects of our lives as well. The experience is about being so focused on accomplishing a certain goal that one builds a comfort level around all related tasks to the point  where they become effortless. As confidence builds, everything just falls into place.  It’s as if you are willing the cosmic energies around you to jump onto your momentum. Now, you are in a zone. Time is irrelevant, and you feel that you are doing exactly what you were born to do.

We’ve all  seen people in a zone as entertainers, as writers, as social networkers, as cannery workers, as negotiators, as computer programmers, among many, many other ways. Being in a zone is a very rewarding experience.

I’ve felt in a zone in business as well, when ideas and the critical paths to success become amazingly clear. Crystal clear. Nothing is forced. Positive results are expected, and your confidence extremely high.

Whether in sport, business or life, however, the zone seems to gradually dissipates over time. The end usually comes when one starts to doubt, when the confidence begins to leak. We as humans usually cannot expect good fortune to be indefinite. We feel guilty if such good fortunate lasts longer than anticipated.

So, do we fall out of our zones because we cannot accept success for an extended period of time? Can we get into our zones and maintain that groove with the right mental attitude? One thing for sure is that no one has reached a zone by being timid, hesitant and doubtful.

I believe that to some extent the right attitude helps keep us in a zone. Currently, I feel like I’m in a bit of a zone with the start of Lift9. Things seem to be falling into place rather quickly. My focus is to maintain that momentum and don’t let doubt or second guessing slow it down. I want to be thorough and pragmatic, but clearly focused on my critical paths to success. I will not lose that mental clarity.

I encourage you to create your zone around your passion, and sustain it with the right attitude.