Using Linkedin to plan business events

Ascentium has used Linkedin as an event-registration platform on a couple of occasions.
The first was the “Light Up Your Brand” conference organized by our Portland office.  This was a highly effective, collaborative event featuring presenters from Intel, Linkedin, Federated Media, as well as Ascentium.   “How to Light Up Your Brand” was particularly focused on leveraging social media platforms to, well, light up your brand.
All registrations for the half-day conference came through Linkedin.  Organizers created a group within Linkedin displaying the “Light Up Your Brand” logo and a summary of the event. Interested people registered by joining this Linkedin group.
The results were generally positive. The Linkedin group obviously provided a convenient area for interested parties to share ideas and thoughts before and after the event.  We also found that the group was searched by the Linkedin community at large from persons interested in such topics as brightening up brands within the context of social media.  Since anyone wanting to join the group needed approval by the group’s manager, it has a built-in screening process as well.
One issue that did arise was that persons outside the greater Portland area tried to sign up to the group and register not realizing this was an “in-person” conference.
Even today the group remains on Linkedin with 130 members.  Should we want to make this an annual event, for example, this membership could be the foundation used in drumming up community interest again.
The second event was for the Ascentium|ZeroDash1’s seminar series.  Admittedly, this was not as well organized and we offered other methods of registering.  We found that for a series of events, creating one group for registration does not work — obviously!  Moving forward, however, our Linkedin Group, Ascentium|ZeroDash1 Seminar Series, can continue to function as as a forum for discussing our seminar topics and soliciting feedback from attendees.
In conclusion, Linkedin does provide interesting possibilities as a social media platform for registering and/or announcing business events.