Realty TV: Trump the Candidate

The best damn reality show ever is on now! The media executives throughout the US (and the world) probably can’t believe their luck with having landed the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign for the Republican Nomination 2016.

This show has everything – A polarizing central figure, who asks his supporters to raise their right hands to pledge allegiance to him (not making this up); escalating fist fights in the crowds over differing allegiances (Hunger Games? UFC?); schoolyard insults thrown by grown men wanting to lead the most powerful nation in the world; vilification of large groups of people to re-enforce “us against them” mentality; temper tantrums aimed at journalists; unapologetic, blatant misogyny.

No way you can script this stuff if it weren’t happening for real. This is the Jerry Springer Show but to a larger audience and with much greater consequences.

Forgot substantial policy discussions, or even the debate of traditional political ideologies in this reality show. That’s too boring and too difficult to understand for the general audience. Now, it’s about sweeping generalizations, pointing out problems, blaming those “other people”, inciting emotional outburst through demagoguery, and of course making America Great Again. Is America not the most powerful economic and military nation the world has ever known as I write this?

This is riveting stuff because it’s so unpredictable and outrageous, and because it’s poking the eye of an old establishment called the Republican Party as well as the political process and system of the US. Ultimately it’s not that funny because like all reality shows, this exposes our voyeuristic nature to enjoy watching disaster happen right in front of us.

The biggest loser in this reality show is the Republican Party – Lincoln’s Party. The long-standing conservative ideology of small government, low taxes, strong military and strict constitutionalism is getting drowned out of the party’s voice this year by the populace issues of immigration and “eye-for-eye” demagoguery.

Trump supporters raising right hand to pledge allegiance to the