Trump Advocates Expulsion of Kimchee Eaters

“My sources” close to the Donald Trump campaign have told me that US Republican Presidential candidate will propose to have all kimchee-eating people deported and banned from the US. The reason, kimchee stinks and it’s very un-American.

In addition, he said, “Come on! Anyone who eats kimchee has to be a supporter of Kim Jong-un, a horrible man who hates America!”

When asked how it would be determined if someone eats kimchee or not, Trump said he knows from a good source that a kimchee sniffing sensor machine, much like an alcohol breathalyzer, has been already developed. When pressed to elaborate, he said emphatically that his source saw it on infomercials late at night.

Some critics are contending that such action could possibly lead to the bankruptcy of most cabbage farmers. However, analysts on CNBC are now speculating that the valuation of the “kimchee breathalyzer” company could skyrocket if Trump continues to lead in the polls for the  Republican Presidential nomination.