The Constant Flow of Motion

As I get older, the one thing that has become increasingly obvious is the constant, relentless motion of life. Nothing really stands still – nothing.

Great companies of the past have fallen without adjusting to change and re-inventing themselves. River of time will catch up and surely pass you by. Apple was great and brought computers to the masses, then it nearly went out of business before re-inventing itself with a portable telephone. Now, this highest-valued company in the world is again feeling the pressure to re-invent itself. Motion is relentless.

The greatest empires of world history from the Chinese to the Romans to the Spaniards to the British have risen to unspeakable power and influence only to be eventually surpassed or supplanted. Motion is constant. No matter one’s accomplishments you cannot resist change. That is futile. Americans need to take note and figure out the best steps forward because change is relentless.

Life may seem to have slowed down for you personally but that’s only in  relative terms of human time. Things around you are in constant motion. Someone will move your cheese. Accept it as a law of nature and life will make better sense.

Once this concept of motion becomes clear, you should be able to live your life differently accepting the inevitable change around us. And go with the flow!