No Aha Moment but Progress Toward Better Enlightment

I have to admit that I did come to Montpellier searching for something but wasn’t exactly sure what. I was certain, however, I’d know the minute that I discovered it.

Today, I leave Montpellier after nearly six weeks without that “aha” moment. Yet, I feel that I’ve learned plenty. I am certainly leaving very satisfied with my experience. I think that many things really come to us over time and not in a magical instant. The fact is that we should be questioning ourselves and life as we live it. Maybe enlightenment isn’t a destination, but just a process. The more we enjoy and value this process, perhaps the more enlightened we become. Many are looking for that “sign from God” when in fact we just need the time, experience and support to figure things out. Perhaps over time we can overcome at least to some extent our “self-serving biases” and effectively question all our current understandings.

For me, I was just at a particular cross-road — one of many in my life. I had finished working on a four-year project in Lift9 which ended up eventually being acquired by SDL International. Before jumping into anything else, I wanted to take the time to make sure about any decision forward and to take advantage of this break in my life.

What my time in France has taught me is that I like and need challenges. My experience has re-enforced that I need to connect with people. That’s a major motivator for me.

I’ve also learned that while I’m very stimulated by observing different perspectives, that the more interesting business opportunities are in noticing the universal similarities and trends across cultures. The really intriguing ideas are the ones that can easily move across all people like the iPhone, American pop culture, sushi, social media, blue jeans and so forth.

Yes, some pretty obvious stuff but things that I needed to figure out myself.

The journey continues for me both figuratively and literally as I try to create my own way forward beyond Lift9 and as I now move onto the next phase of my extended travels to Paris and then Spain.