Can’t stop thinking about Trayvon Martin

I’m breaking my silence. I need to blog again.
Today I’m on a plane to Tanzania with my parents, brother, niece, son and wife. We had planned this once-in-a-lifetime family safari trip two years ago, wanting to take our parents while they are still relatively mobile.
Yet, I leave America with a heavy heart. I leave with no smile on my face. My work issues are insignificant. I’m embarrassed about my carefree lifestyle. Working hard to play hard all of a sudden seems
ridiculously shallow.
I’m thinking of Trayvon Martin. I’m thinking of his family. I’m thinking of others like him.
I’m thinking about the Florida law that puts the burden of proof on the prosecutors when a man shoots a child even though he instigated the confrontation.
I’m sad thinking about how we all tend to lack empathy for those different from us.
As I’m flying over America I pray for her. May she find her way to the light of reason, equality and unity.
I’ve completely lost my appetite.
Today, I’m fasting for humanity. I’m fasting for Trayvon Martin.