Are you having fun yet?

“Hey, are you having fun yet?”

That’s a question I occasionally ask people I work with. It’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know. Fun can be different for each individual. Some people find coming up with new ideas fun. Others love putting teams together, or closing a big deal. Regardless, it’s important that people are enjoying what they are doing.

The nice thing about that question is that it makes people stop and think about their work in a different light than they normally do. The question re-enforces a positive attitude about work or makes one re-evaluate what they are doing. The question may have a corrective or therapeutic effect on how someone is approaching work.

The key is to look for an honest answer. If someone is a bit dismissive in answering, dig a little deeper and let the other person know that you are really interested in the answer. In most cases you’ll then get a thoughtful response. People aren’t often asked questions regarding their emotions at work. It’s nice to be asked if you are authentically interested.

So, are you having fun yet?