Humility needs to accompany confidence

It’s amazing how I seem to know so much less as I get older. Of course, what I mean is that as I get wiser with age I realize how little I actually do know. Humbling.

Yet, there are benefits with wisdom and experience. I believe I now work smarter, make a few less mistakes, and do not let most things overwhelm me.  Still, I need to understand what I don’t know. Everyone, regardless of level of experience, still have blind spots as well as soft spots. Humility has to accompany confidence in order to be an effective leader. There has to be continuous learning regardless of your age or position in life, otherwise your arrogance will NOT let you grow further.

I’m fortunate in being in such a dynamic industry like social media intelligence. The disruptive force of social data and the newness of the discipline keeps you alert to change. Working within this industry makes you used to change and being challenged. It quickly forces you to admit mistakes so that you can course correct.

Be humble, and keep learning.