Social Intelligence resonates at SDL Innovate

Last week, I was privileged to be a part of the SDL Innovate conference in Santa Clara. This was a significant event for me as the new CEO of SDL Social Intelligece Division. We got to address key SDL clients, partners and the internal SDL team.

For those who have not been part of an acquisition, what often look like obvious synergies on paper often get stalled at point of execution (change management, integrating sales efforts, ambiguity, blending of different cultures, etc.). So, there is still substantial challenge before us.

At the event, however, no one questioned the rationale behind adding social media intelligence to the SDL suite of offerings. It fits perfectly into the overall vision of offering intimate customer experience in the most relevant way — in the local language, where and when customers want it.

SDL has the language, web, content — and now social and campaign analytics capabilities to out-deliver the competition on this vision.

Encouraging for me was the excitement by the attending customers, partners and SDL people over our social intelligence solutions. We were able to show our flexible platform around SM2 and gave examples of all the great insights that can be mined. We also showed how our platform is leveraging social data and its inherent predictive nature to provide near-real time insights into product launches. The standing room crowd was very engaged in learning about our solution.

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out more information on our solutions with a new clear road-map as we integrate with SDL’s world class language auto translation and web content management systems. The momentum has clearly started. More to come soon.