Packing again

It’s time to pack again. At least I can take a small suitcase since I’m headed to tropical weather in Saigon.

Today is my younger son’s 21st birthday, but we celebrated last night with the extended family by grilling filet mignons and lobsters. He’s got big plans to spend a few nights at the Tulalip Casino Resort. He’s also volunteered to drive me to the airport today.

My wife is already on her way to the Oregon coast with her girlfriends. I had to carry a heavy load of wine bottles to the car for her this morning. Later this week, she is going to Los Angeles for a political conference for Korean-Americans.

My older son, who is also 21 for another month, is out buying riding gear because he just bought an enduro motorcycle. I went with him yesterday to negotiate a better deal, but only got an extra $200 off. I’m pathetic. I guess an enduro is a lot better than the crouch rocket we used to have.

My brother just got back from a trip to Australia and Vietnam. We got to see each other a couple of days and now I’m heading out. My father is in Seoul visiting.

Such is life in today’s world.