Three key principals of managing change

Sometimes in the cycle of a business, drastic structural changes are needed for an organization to leap to the next level of development and growth. Such changes are never easy and some companies altogether fail to recover from such an event.

There are three key principles can help an organization maneuver through such drastic changes.

  1. Compelling Vision: There needs to be a clear and compelling vision behind the change. If the reason is just to cut costs to only improve the financials, you’re just bailing water out of a sinking ship. Good luck. People may understand this rationale, but it is not inspiring. What an uninspiring tone to set during a difficult time of change. People will feverishly rally together in times of uncertainty if they believe that their actions will lead to bigger and better things. Be clear with a compelling vision.
  2. Be Decisive: Implement the changes quickly. Take too long and the leadership quickly loses credibility within the ranks. Obviously, the proposed changes came about for a reason. Don’t lose sight of that while making the needed changes.
  3. Make the tough personnel decisions upfront — as much as possible. At uncertain times, people need to focus on objectives ahead with confidence. Do not let the team waste energy speculating about further personnel changes. Let them rally around the vision that was outlined.