Vietnam office wins over visitors

Now it’s almost become routine. Work visitors from all over the world coming through the Alterian Vietnam office in Ho Chi Minh City, leaving with warm memories and a real affinity for the team.

This past week we had 10 visitors in the office. One group was there to launch projects for a wonderful new client, who has really created a partnership model with us as his company’s social media vendor. The team worked hard and endeared themselves to him with real insights, dedication and warm hospitality.

Our Vietnam team members have an authentic culture of enthusiasm and collectivism that just draws visitors in. They love doing things together. They think about activities from a group perspective, rather than from an individual perspective. They are instinctively inclusive. They don’t act entitled, but thankful for each day together.

I think our client knows he will get great work and effort from the team. He also now knows he has a group of people who really are interested in him as a person and cares about his success.

A second visiting group was there for our quarterly leadership meeting. We started scheduling these meetings in Vietnam because of the cost savings of hosting them there. However, now it could cause a mini-revolt if I tried to move the meetings to other cities. They say the positive energy and gracious hospitality of the Vietnam staff creates the best environment for these off-site meetings. Not to mention most of them are addicted to the Vietnamese coffee.

To date, every visiting person has been complimentary about their experience with the Vietnam office. That’s real credit to the team and its leadership.