Feeding off of people’s energy

Energetic London streets

Over time, I’ve learned to trust my “gut feel” more and more. Especially with people, I give a lot of weight to my initial perception around a person’s energy.

This is one of the reasons that I’m such an urban person. My appetite for feeding off of other people’s energy is pretty insatiable. During this last trip to London, the energy of the city definitely pumped up my own energy level. While others may not enjoy their personal space being invaded, I welcome it (with the proper intent & environment).

This enthusiasm for other people’s energy, I think, is also sensed by those around me. People seem to be feeding off of my energy as well. I want to give at least as much as I take. I want others to feel my curiosity and thirst for living because it can be contagious.

There are those who can reach their inner spiritual understanding with tranquility and isolated self-reflection. For others like me, clarity many times comes from the energy of other people. Our goal is reaching a high level of collective chemistry, feeling like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves individually. That happens when a lot of other people are around, even if they are in our personal spaces.