Advocating single six-year terms for politicians

So, it’s a “belated” tax day this year. Hope everyone was able to get their tax finished and submitted. Our government needs everyone’s money!

This is a good opportunity to discuss the US government’s deficit and all the issues surrounding it. Throughout this blog, I advocate optimism and living a positive life. However, such an outlook on life needs to be in the context of reality as well. There’s a clear line between productive optimism and delusional thinking.

All that to say that our nation’s current deficit problem cannot be fixed under the current political system. As long as we have a two-party system where extreme special interest groups from each side can hold the majority hostage, our politicians will not be able to adequately address the fiscal issues.

Our current politicians cannot make compromises and create a “win-win” situation as they are beholden to the extremists in both parties. They are constantly having to position themselves for re-election that keeps them from doing the difficult, pragmatic things to fix our nation’s debt problems. One compromise can doom a politician from re-election because of the potential attacks from special interest groups within his/her party.

The solution is somewhere between (or a combination) of the Republican and Democrat budget proposals. But politicians are so worried about the impact of the  extremists of their constituents on their re-election that common sense never wins out.

It’s not so much the politicians’ fault as it is a broken system. If we had all politician serve a six-year single terms, then I believe the politicians would be bolder and make better decisions that would leave a more favorable legacy of their work in office… but that won’t ever happen.