Affect your self-fulfilling prophecies… Duh

Self-fulfilling prophecies are definitely real. It is real in very facet of life. So, I wonder why some people think so negatively?

Any person who has ridden motorcycles knows that if you stare at an obstacle, that’s where the bike will be headed — probably at  high speeds.

When presenting business plans to executives or potential investors, you don’t start with the section about “potential risks”. That’s for the lawyers to review as a way of proving their value. This is not to say that one should have “blind” faith without diligent research. Optimism does not excuse anyone from careful consideration and hard work. I’m not talking about delusional fantasies. But given good information and consideration, too many people — and groups of people — focus on barriers rather than the ways to succeed.

I frequently present in public. I care about my reputation and am passionate about my convictions so I prepare well. I am also always clear to myself about my goals for the presentation and believe in its eventual success.  And  if things don’t turn out exactly the way that I would have envisioned, I try to understand the rationale so that I can be excited about what I’m learning. Eventually then, I will still succeed in the long run, therefore fulfilling my initial optimistic prophecy.

I used to ride a lot and those tight turns are extremely thrilling as long as you keep your eyes locked on where you are going rather than the possible dangerous obstacles around you. That can be the difference between life and death… or success and failure.

If you believe in the concept of “self-fulfilling prophecies”, proactively affect your prophecies in all areas of your life with diligent work, authentic passion and positive thinking.