Relax the body, free the spirit, and focus the mind

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. It can also be a time of high stress and pressure. Extended families getting together; trying to get end-of-the-year projects finished at work; fighting crowds to buy presents. Sometimes, it can all be overwhelming.

Breathe, relax your body and free your spirit and keep your mind focused. It’s like hitting a good mogul run on skis. You should react fluidly (relaxed body) and instinctively (freed spirit) but your mind can’t wonder. No different when you are taking a tight turn on a street bike. That’s how high performers excel. You can do the same this holiday season.

Test yourself. When you think about the holiday season, do your muscles tighten up? Is your spirit constricted? Does your mind wander from all you have to do? First breathe. Relax. Organize what you have to do without raising your blood pressure. Then, smile, and take on the coming days and create some positive momentum for yourself.