How Many Personas Are You?

How many personalities do you have? Or a more appropriate question is how many personas are you?

Since we were little kids, we learned to project different personas depending on the situation, environment or the company around us. I know I certainly projected myself differently in church than I did around my jock friends in a locker room — and still more differently around girls whom I liked. That’s part of being human. We project ourselves differently depending on the environment and one personal persona doesn’t have to be any more real than another.

Think about how that translates to the social media platforms. They allow us to have various persona’s. I tried once to consolidate my persona’s and have standard status updates. Failed. It bothered me to compromise one persona for another. I felt more unauthentic trying to standardize my persona’s than when I really had differing ones.

Here are my current standard social media personas:

Facebook (Friend) Persona: A friend. A family person. Share personal characteristic as a guy’s guy who is a bit of bully, fun-loving, thrash-talking but genuinely engaged with friends and family.

Twitter (Tribe) Persona: An entrepreneur. A social media enthusiast in Seattle. Want to give personality to my company and its work environment. Share thoughts and information about digital marketing, especially around social media. Share thoughts on company-building and leading people. Those interested are my tribesmen.

Blog (Kool Uncle) Persona: Meet John Song, your uncle, big brother or your boss. Mentor. Story teller. Like to give advice. Interpret my experiences. A discussion over coffee or a drink.

LinkedIn (Resume) Persona: An Executive Networking. Work history and recommendations. Updates relate to the progress of my company or insights around my work, or to recruit talented people.

Foursquare (Food Critic) Persona: An urbanite who loves getting together for happy hours and after hour hot spots. You should almost hear my laughter with friends. I must admit this is relatively new platform for me.

Xbox Live (12-year-old) Persona: PES2010. Madden2009. Thrash-talker who CANNOT back up all the talk with his game. Silly, but competitive.

What are your persona’s? You need more than one. When you are comfortable with that, you will enjoy social media (and yourself) much more.