Lift9, making sense of social media data

lift9 logoTime to share a little more information about our new startup, Lift9.

The era of social media is just beginning. Digital information is doubling every 18 months, with social media data leading the charge. Unfortunately, this data is mostly fragmented and unstructured. Content is coming from all directions and impossible to control.

While leading the marketing strategy, analytics and planning group for the digital agency Ascentium, I realized that making sense of this growing data would be an increasingly difficult task. Social media listening and monitoring tools pull mostly unstructured data and cannot access every social media platform. To really get a true picture of social media conversations, human research and analysis are crucial to providing relevant solutions.

That was the genesis of Lift9. We leverage leading social analytics tools and incorporate the “human” element of research and analysis that help make sense of the available data. We are a team of senior marketing and public relations experts with a research center focused on structuring and validating social media data around a set of best practices and reporting templates.

Information is truly powerful, but only if it is understandable and useful. Our mission is to make social media data relevant and powerful for all client brands.

Our vision is to overcome the cost barriers of the labor-intensive nature of research and analysis. We have made relevant social media data affordable to all brands by building our research center off-shore.

Today, we are filling a critical niche by making sense of social media information for our clients. Tomorrow, we hope to be a market leader when social media research and reporting will be an essential marketing discipline for all brands.