Breath, and appreciate the moment

tullysWhy is it so difficult for us in the Western culture to live in the moment?

Right now, it’s blazing hot in Seattle. I’m sipping ice tea at Tully’s and I realize that I’m not really enjoying the refreshing drink. I’m thinking about what I have to get done and who I have to talk to in the next day. I don’t even taste the ice tea.

There, that was a good sip. Um, that’s good. So refreshing and so cool. My quality of life would be so much better if I learned to live in the moment at appropriate times.

I remember when I was so tired and jet-lagged on a trip to Paris. After walking around sightseeing, I was so happy to lay in my hotel bed. It felt so, so good. Then, I realized I had to get up in 15 minutes for dinner and all I could do was stress about having such a short time to rest. After getting my blood pressure up thinking about having to get up soon, I finally decided to breath deep and just focus on how good it was to rest, appreciating each breath. Those last 10 minutes of rest was fantastic — and helpful.

Right now, like many of you, I’m juggling a lot things on multiple fronts. I really wouldn’t want it any other way because I love the challenges. But sometimes, I got to stop and enjoy each sip of my refreshingly cold ice tea on this stifling hot day — and so do you.