A new start in a time of opportunity, risks

So, it begins anew for me once again.

Last Friday was my last day with Ascentium.  Today is my first day working on what I consider my sixth potential venture.

My experience at Ascentium was wonderful for the most part. Ascentium bought my company, ZeroDash1, in March of last year (2008). We were excited about being part of a larger digital agency, and thought that our expertise in Analytics and Optimization could be a big difference maker in Ascentium’s projected growth.

Reality of integration and change management issues (Ascentium had acquired various companies before us) had slowed our impact a bit at first. However, over time, we became the full analytics arm of Ascentium. Times have hit hard the agency market and there will continue to be adjustments moving forward. I’m convinced, however, that Ascentium will maneuver successfully through the economic environment and emerge someday as a leading voice in the industry.

For me, I’ll have to watch Ascentium’s success from the sidelines.

Having been involved with five previous startups, the prospect of being on my own doesn’t seem  all that daunting. I guess I’m a risk taker at heart. I think that the drastic change in the economy over the last nine months offers up new opportunities. So many companies are struggling to survive with the wrong DNA — one that was born of another time. That opens up opportunities for companies developed for today’s environment to emerge and thrive. Yes, change always equals opportunities for those who can think and move fast.

Who knows where the road of life will lead me now? But somehow, that thought of uncertainty puts a big smile on my face. I’m ready to find out.