King County sheriff deputy Paul Schene’s over-reaction begs the question of common sense

Meet King County Sheriff Deputy Paul Schene, a bully and a moron with a badge.  That is not a good combination.

Look, no one is making an excuse for the 15-year-old girls he arrested for driving a stolen car.  They need their justice as well.  But officer Schene’s reaction to the girl in jail (captured on the video below) is completely ridiculous. He and all officers of the law need to be held to a higher standard, to greater scrutiny. They are trained servants of communities after all.

Schene can’t even handle the rebellious attitude of one teenager. Do we trust him to serve and protect us? Heck no! I don’t trust his common sense judgement nor do I trust his character. Giving a person like him a badge and a weapon is not in the best interest of our community.

I’ve been completely under-impressed with the police officers in my hometown of Mercer Island since I’ve moved back from London.  In London, the police officers had an amazing amount of common sense in the way they dealt with serious and non-seri0us issues.  On Mercer Island, they seem to lack common sense and want to apply the letter of the law to every insignificant or significant incident in the same matter. That’s not a very smart way to police a community.

Then, seeing this video in King County (which is my county), shows me that we need common sense training for all the police forces.  All I ask is that if we are going to pay people to carry a badge and a weapon to protect us, that they have above-average common sense ability. I think we should all be asking for that.