Brandon Roy, a class act

Meet Brandon Roy, hands-down my favorite NBA player. Since the Seattle Sonics skipped town for Oklahoma City, I haven’t paid much attention to the NBA.  However, when the Portland Trailblazers are on television, I’ll watch Roy do his magic.

For me, Roy’s style of “calm” bball is exciting.  Always under control, he still finds lanes to drive and high-percentage shots.  He gained my loyalty and respect while he was playing for the Huskies. And he’s impressed me with his character since joining the NBA.

Today, I read Steve Kelley’s (Seattle Times) column “Brandon Roy is just What Portland Needed”. Following the piece was a very interesting comment by a former UW student.  I’ve included below because everyone should know what kind of person Brandon Roy is:

I went to UW when Brandon was there. I remember a particular episode (during my senior year) in the Husky Union Building (HUB) when I was looking for a place to sit an eat. As an older student (early-30’s), I usually ate alone or tried to sit with other older students, where I thought I would fit in better. 

Brandon and the athletes had a section they liked to sit in, with all of the other athletes, the girls that flock to them ,and other people who just like to be around the popular students. 

On this day, the lunchroom was especially full. I was near his section scanning for a place to sit, when this super tall guy walks over to me, introduces himself to me (as if he really needed to do that) and offers me a seat at his table. While I sat there, he told me he recognized me from around campus and that I looked “smart”.

He basically interviewed ME, and he was genuinely interested. I watched him do this over and over with other people that day, constantly extending himself to them. I quickly felt like I was 20 years old again because he made me comfortable. I was sitting there with Brandon and his friends and teammates (and some amazingly beautiful girls), laughing, and telling stories about classes and professors.

That’s guy has that “IT” factor. People love him…he’s Barack Obama without the law degree. I predict big things for B-Roy on the court, and a Magic Johnson like retirement and post-NBA career.

Brandon’s a true “star” and a gentleman who deserves to be successful. I just want to meet his parents and tell them “Thank you for raising such a fine young man.”

-blackprince206 (Snohomish, WA)