Amazing story about a best friend couple: An elephant and a dog

Click above to see the video
Click above to see the video

Meet Tara and Bella, the most unlikely of best friends.  One’s an elephant and the other a dog.  I just couldn’t resist but to post this video from  In the end, connecting with another living being is as rewarding as it gets during our time on earth.  Why is it that we often times chase so many other things at the expense of our relationships? Bravo to an elephant and a dog for reminding us what is important.  “This video is produced by our favorite and human interest reporter, Steve Hartman, is nothing short of heartwarming.

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesse is where retired elephants are cared for and are free to roam.  Each has a “best friend”, usually another elephant.  Tara and Bella are different.


Click here or the picture above to view te video.